Friday, February 3, 2012

Bow, Rhinestones, & Stilettos

Cardigan: H&M
Belt:  Ann Taylor Loft
Dress: Ebay (unknown brand)
Shoes: Bakers
Bracelet: 80's Vintage 


  1. Hi! Thanks for leaving a common on my blog :) In response: wow learning korean? haha thats amazing! how much you learn so far? =D do enjoy it?

    Btw, awesome blog. Def a follow! I love the layout so far and the fashion feel of it. Love this outfit too, you look amazing and damn look at those legs! :) Hawt, hawt , hawt!

    1. Kamsahapnida...I have been learning it through and I'm up to lesson 17 in level 1. The only thing I have been struggling with so far are topic and subject marking particles.

      Thanks also for following. I love your blog too and look forward to viewing your up coming posts.

  2. Annyeonghaseyo! Beautiful outfit, I'm also on the journey to learning Korean fluently! Glad I found your blog. Will keep in touch x

    1. Kamsahapnida...As I told Tifa, I have started watching kdramas and I would love to one day be able to watch them without subtitles. Happy Korean learning journey and we will also keep in touch.